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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Arnold-Forster, Mary - Flying, gliding and the sword of power



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This description lends credence to the theory that many dreams are out of body experiences.  Most of the advice Mary provides here would be equally applicable to OBEs


A description of the experience

Mrs H. O. Arnold Forster – Studies in Dreams

Flying dreams form only one variety of the many happy dreams that have added so much pleasure to my life. I have chosen this class of dreams to speak of more particularly because they furnish the examples that I can most easily quote of the process of dream control, and of the use of a formula in obtaining that control. They show also that by an act of will, and by some concentration of thought upon them, they may be cultivated, with the result that greatly heightened dream powers, such as the perfected faculty of dream flight, may be acquired with out any serious difficulty, and with great advantage to ourselves..............

.................. The actual process by which I fly in my dreams has always been the same since the earliest days when I first fluttered down the nursery staircase. From what others have told me, there seems to be a good deal of variety in the manner in which different people fly. By giving a slight push or spring with my feet I leave the ground and fly without further effort, by a simple act of volition. A slight paddling motion by my hands increases the pace of the flight, and is used either to enable me to reach a greater height, or else for the purpose of steering, especially through any narrow place, such as through a doorway or window. If I am at all fatigued by a long flight, this motion of the hands is of great assistance and gives confidence and increased power. Differing slightly from the flying dream is the gliding dream, which is also a very common and widely shared experience. In this dream the feet are not used and do not move at all; I glide a few inches above the ground, as though I were walking in the ordinary way, but without any effort.

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 Mrs H. O. Arnold Forster – Studies in Dreams

I then became anxious above all things to achieve a dream in which I should fly over the sea. The dream came at last, and I found myself on the shore looking at the waters of the Atlantic. Beginning at first with short uncertain flights over the sea, I soon found that I need not fear. Flying in the air or gliding on the water was equally safe and easy, and so I started, and with a flight like that of a seagull, I flew away with boldness across the Atlantic waves. The motions of aeroplanes have of late years suggested similar dreams, in which I take the pilot’s place, and steer a small aeroplane through the looping flights of the practised airman. Mechanical difficulties are rare in dreams of flying, and if anything untoward does happen (and even in my dreams I do not understand an engine) I have only to desert my plane and to take refuge in my natural way of flight.
Fear may come into a dream, but this need not trouble us if, by a bird's flight, the dreamer can quickly be carried into safety; for confidence in one 's power of flight will then be all that is needed. I have sometimes fancied in the middle of a flight that I am losing my power to fly ; I have begun then to drift downwards in the air, and have failed to rise again easily. At such moments the “Svord of power'' comes into my mind, and I repeat to myself, ‘You know that the law of gravitation has no power over you here. If the law is suspended, you can fly at will. Have confidence in yourself, and you need not fear." Confidence is the one essential for successful flight, and confidence being thus restored, I find that I can fly again with ease.

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Arnold-Forster, Mary

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