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Anna Reid - The Shaman’s coat – The Sacred cedar



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The Shaman’s coat – Anna Reid

Pyotr was happy to talk about shamanism. His great-grandfather, he said, had been a famous shaman, and he had inherited some of his duties.

Two days walk away - no we couldn't go there, the bogs were too wet – there was a sacred cedar, a 'beloved tree'. It was his responsibility when he visited each summer, to hang offerings from its branches.

 “I just say, "This is from so-and-so, he wants such-and-such," and I hang what-ever it is up. You can give whatever you like - a scarf of course, or spectacles, a teacup, anything. But it has to be something shiny, something new.'

When he was a child there was a shrine at the site.

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Siberian shamanism

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