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Angelique and Medor



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Toussaint DUBREUIL; vers 1561 - Paris, 1602

This painting shows an episode drawn from Song XI of Roland of Arioste (1532).  Médor, a sarracin knight, carves Angelique’s name on the bark of a tree. This sign of love is pointed out to Roland by a shepherd illustrated in the bottom of the picture and it generates madness and jealousy in Roland which earns him the name Roland the ‘furieux’.

A description of the experience

Angélique et Médor

He was handsome, he was kindly, he had wealth and he had style
And he married Angelique and she loved him for a while
But his kindness dulled her passion and his politeness seemed to cloy
And Angelique, [oh what madness], looked elsewhere to find more joy
Oh poor Roland, oh poor Roland, she thinks you now a bore
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
And in foreign lands she found him, called Medor a sarracen knight
No more kindness, no more softness, violent passion filled her nights
And he took her in dark hallways and he lusted for her taste
And obsession for her grew until his life had gone to waste
Oh strong Medor, oh fine Medor, onto her your life’s blood pour
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor

 He seduced her and he loved her and his passion was so strong
He believed his love was honourable, that his love was not wrong
And he knew the power of love unleashed between two souls as one
For he craved her body constantly of other thoughts he’d none
Of destruction, of disaster, end this madness, seek no more
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
Angelique and her dark lover had met secretly quite late
In a patch of leafy woodland, on Roland’s huge estate
He’d made love to her for hours and full of love’s long kiss
He felt he needed to record this moment of pure bliss
‘Oh sweet love’ she then suggested ‘why not my name on that tree score’
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
So he took his burnished dagger from its scabbard on the sward
And he carved her name into the bark of an old oak by a ford
‘Angelique I love you ‘– simple yes and words quite true
But pure dynamite if seen by those who were just passing through
Oh foolish act, oh reckless act, for her that you adore
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor

 One soft September morning Roland and his faithless spouse
Were riding through the woodland of his estate far from the house
And as they neared that familiar spot, a shepherd to them did speak
Saying ‘it was a joy he’d seen how Roland loved sweet Angelique’
The shepherd showed Roland the tree, the words were like a sore
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
Roland hit her [no more kindness], Roland’s fury knew no bounds
And in the woods was silence except for crying hurting sounds
And he beat her till she cried from pain and beat her naked frame
Furious Roland only anger, ugly anger, not the same
And the jealousy and hatred did at his hard heart gnaw
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
He cut away the loving text carved on that old oak tree
And locked his wife in tower tall no more the world to see
But they found her 10 days later with a knife right though her heart
The same knife that carved the message that had caused their lives to part
And a message there on paper was found upon the floor
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique et Medor
“You can wrench the love from that oak bark and leave the poor tree scarred
You can tie me up, imprison me from life and love be barred
But you can’t destroy the love I have for my brave knight Medor
For the one who carved that message’s in my heart for evermore”
And in her heart they found the words cut through amongst the gore
Angelique, Angelique, Angelique loves Medor 

The source of the experience

Jelling, Lily

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