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Alder tea - The Healing power of herbs – Ceres Esplan



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Alder tea - The Healing power of herbs – Ceres Esplan

Alder (Alnus glutinosa), Black Alder, European Alder, Whistlewood, Irish Mahogany, Aller and many other country names from various regions.  This tree grows throughout Britain, Europe and the United States in damp marshy places and by streambanks. 

It produces beautiful deep-red male catkins very early in the year.

Decoctions made from the shredded bark of alder are useful as an external lotion for bathing swellings and helpful in making poultices – if used as hot as can be withstood – for rheumatic joints.

In the old days, bagsful of heated leaves were sometimes also used for this purpose.

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