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Alain Danielou - While the Gods Play - Seers, rishis and the nature of inspiration



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Alain Danielou – While the Gods Play 

The Seers (Rishi)

CERTAIN aspects of the nature of the physical or metaphysical world are revealed to men at determined moments in the maturation of the human species. These "revelations" are the work of the Seers, the Rishi(s), who are the intermediaries, the mediums gifted with the perception of the higher levels of creation. Some of them are subtle beings; others are incarnate beings. Vision and speech are of a transcendent order while the body remains destructible. Shaivism does not, like Vaishnavism, envision physical incarnations of the divinity, but only mental incarnations of a prophetic nature in the persons of the Seers.

At the beginning of each cycle of humanity, the god Skanda inspires in the Seers the knowledge necessary for the reestablishment of a tradition of knowledge that enables the new mankind to play its role.

Seers can reappear during the course of the cycles to ensure the maintenance of the tradition and the discovery by man, at the opportune moment, of the secrets of the nature of the world.

Great discoveries are always inspired, programmed. This is why they generally take place simultaneously in several regions of the world. For, in the Seers, it is perception that is inspired. Its formulation can be inadequate, In any case, the relationship of the vision to the words that express it is only valid for a particular moment,

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