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Alain Danielou – While the Gods Play  

Logic (Nyaya)

THE intellectual method that-corresponds to Vaisheshika Iogic (Nyaga), by which, with the aid of analogies and deductions, the observed information can be coordinated in order to arrive at definite conclusions.

Nyaya analyses forms of reasoning and means of proof.

According to .the theory expounded by Gautama [not the Buddha], the author of the main treatise on Nyaya, the elements of logical reasoning include a proposition (udaharana) the investigation of a cause (hetu), an example (udaharana),a relationship (upanaya),-and precedents (nigama).

The means of proof (pramana) envisaged by Nyaya, are:

  • Pratyaksha, direct evidence
  • Anumana, deductive inference
  • Upamana, similarity, analogy
  • Shabda, the word, the authority of predecessors

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