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Agent smith and destiny



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Notes from the second movie:

" You destroyed me, Mr. Anderson. After that, I understood the rules, I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn't. I couldn't. I was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey. And now, here I stand because of you, Mr. Anderson. Because of you, I'm no longer an Agent of this system. Because of you, I've changed. I'm unplugged. A new man, so to speak. Like you, apparently, free."

and also this one:   

" But, as you well know, appearances can be deceiving, which brings me back to the reason why we're here. We're not here because we're free. We're here because we're not free. There is no escaping reason; no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist......It is purpose that created us.....Purpose that connects us.....Purpose that pulls us.......That guides us......That drives us...... It is purpose that defines us.......Purpose that binds us. .....We are here because of you, Mr Anderson. We're here to take from you what you tried to take from us.......[Attempts to copy himself into Neo]....Purpose."

 Essentially Smith could not be deleted because his program's purpose was not done. Therefore his file became "corrupted", he was programmed to kill the one (albeit not knowing Neo was the one to begin with), and as "the one" became more and more powerful, Smith's corrupted file allowed him to copy himself and become powerful in response. He could "choose" not to be deleted because his purpose was not finished.  That's why they are opposite sides of the same coin as the Architect explained. Once Neo was assimilated, the "smith" program had finally achieved "/purpose". The loop was terminated,  the program could now be deleted by the main machine frame. That's what Oracle's words revealed to Neo,

" Everything that has a beginning has an end Neo".

Neo realized all he had to do is to achieve program Smith's purpose, which was to kill Neo. This would mean the end for both of them. Of course the concept is a node to the story of Christ and Mithra , Ra, etc. He sacrifices himself for the world to be reborn of their corruption.

A description of the experience

Agent Smith and Destiny - film extract from the Matrix trology

Which brings me back to the reason why we're here

we're not here because we're free

we're here because we're not free

there is no escaping reason,

no denying purpose because as we

both know without purpose, we would not exist and it’s

purpose that created us ,

purpose that connects us ,

purpose that pulls us, that guides us that , drives us, it is

purpose that defines, it is

purpose that binds

we are  here because of you mr. Anderson we're

here to take from you what you tried to

take from us



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Wachowskis, the

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