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A P Elkin - Aboriginal men of high degree - Fast travelling



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From Aboriginal Men of High degree - A P Elkin

Fast Traveling

Medicine men are believed to be able to travel at a very fast pace. This is obvious enough if the claim is to fly in sleep or in a vision to distant places, or to send their familiars on such journeys. But they can also run at a surprising pace for any distance, faster than anyone can run and without getting tired or out of breath. They apparently run less than a meter above the ground. Indeed, it has been said that the air has been made soft and solid, and that it moves along, carrying them with it.

The explanation given by other Aborigines is that "these clever men can make their spirits take them along very quickly." Information regarding this form of progression comes from southeast Australia, especially western New South Wales, and eastern South Australia.  Aborigines are noted for their extraordinary feats of walking long distances, at what we regard as remarkable speed. Hunting and raiding on foot fits them for this. But the medicine man's powers are said to exceed this and to be more than physical.

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