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Dr J C Barker - The child who predicted her own death



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Dr J C Barker  MD, MRCP, DPM – Scared to Death – An examination of fear, its cause and effects

I have encountered several instances of such … behaviour in my own patients. There are some who seem to know that they are dying and who attempt to set right whatever is still wrong, make wills, pay bills and strive to put their house in order. Failing memory, psychological changes and disorganised responses to certain psychological tests have frequently been noticed to prelude death within the next few months.

Dr J C Jones in the BMJ of 1958, reported a case of a physically and mentally sound child of four who, in spite of remonstrations, kept repeating to her mother that she was going to leave her for "a very beautiful place". The child suddenly developed acute meningitis after one to two weeks and died in a few days.

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