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Copan - Mayan - The 'Sacrificial Stone'



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Archaeologist have labeleld this the Sacrificial stone.  It is in front of Stela 4, near which a decapitated figure, now seated behind the stela, was found.

Decapitation is one of the types of rebirth, and as this is a site for promoting rebirth experiences one would expect a figure of this type to be present - as Lewis Carroll would have said 'off with his head'.

The stone is not a sacrificial altar.  It is a squashed spherical shape - so it represents the Egg.  Around its circumference we have the ouroboros shown as a sort of twisted rope shape, there is a small orifice at the top which made me wonder whether this was once a fountain, two canals run on either side.  The concept is rather beautiful if it was, the Egg and water as symbolic spiritual energy pouring from the centre [the unmoving mover]  to nourish the adepts.

"A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot - There can be no doubt that the fountain's significance as the mystic 'centre' is confirmed and reinforced when it is portrayed in architectural plans; whether in the cloister, the garden or the patio, the fountain occupies the central position, ....Furthermore, the four rivers of Paradise are denoted by the four paths which radiate out from the centre.............

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