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Black Elk - Native American Indians - Creeping heals



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Black Elk Speaks – as told through John Neihardt

 It was a hungry winter, for the deep snow made it hard to find elk; and also many of the people went snowblind.  We wandered a long time, and some of the bands got lost from each other.  Then at last we were camping in the woods beside a creek somewhere, and the hunters came back with meat.

I think it was this same winter when a medicine man, by the name of Creeping, went around among the people curing snowblinds.  He would put snow upon their eyes, and after he had heard in a dream, he would blow on the backs of their heads and they would see again, so I have heard.  It was about the dragonfly that he sang, for that is where he got his power, they say.

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Native American Indians

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