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I am going, he said



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A description of the experience

At the Hour of death – Dr Karlis Osis and Dr Erlendur Haraldsson

A male patient in his fifties was going to be discharged on the seventh day after an operation on a fractured hip. The patient was without fever and was not receiving any sedation.

Then he developed chest pain and I was called to him. When I came, he told me he was going to die.

'Why do you say so? Having a little pain in the chest does not mean you are going to die.'

Then the patient told how immediately after the pain in the chest started he had had a hallucination, but still remained in his full consciousness. He said he felt himself for a few seconds to be not in this world but elsewhere…..

'l am going,' he said, and departed a few minutes later."

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Ordinary person

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