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Gerhardie, William - Resurrection - Afterthoughts 2



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Resurrection - William Gerhardie

.... what Jesus condemned was the general human preoccupation with having which precluded us from being-from living. For it was the task in hand, the preoccupation with our motives and purposes which consumed our real life. One had only to recall a journey undertaken with a certain definite object in view to convince oneself that this was true.

Nothing remained of the purpose which took us from country to country.

The irrelevances, the casual moods and encounters, on the contrary, stood out as the real life. What we recalled, what remained perhaps into after-life, were our states of being.

Our pre-occupation with getting, in so far as it had precluded our being, was seen to be an encumbrance, a sin. 'The lilies of the field they toil not, neither do they spin.'

Whether we may, after death, succeed in tuning in with these vanished states of being, each of which having once vibrated in the ether may be overtaken and relived, who shall, say ?

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Gerhardie, William

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