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Yasna - Daena



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Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth – Henry Corbin [translated by Nancy Pearson] 1977

Daena is, in fact, the feminine Angel who typifies the transcendent or celestial ‘I’; she appears to the soul at the dawn following the third night after its departure from this world; she is its Glory and its Destiny, its Aeon.

The meaning of this indication, therefore, is that the substance of the celestial ‘I’ or resurrection body is engendered and formed from the celestial Earth, that is from the Earth perceived and meditated in this Angel.  What it also means is that the destiny of the Earth entrusted to the transfigurative power of the souls of light leads to the fulfilment of these souls, and that this is reciprocal.  And such is the profound meaning of the Mazdean  times repeated in the course of the liturgies

‘May we be among those who are to bring about the Transfiguration of the Earth’ (Yasna XXX, 9)

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