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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh - Kitab Sharh al-Ziyara - The 'Fall'



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Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’i – Kitab Sharh al-Ziyara [translated by  Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson]

The human being has descended from the suprasensory world from those archetypes or treasuries to which the following verse of the Book refers ‘Nothing exists but that its treasury is in our hands (15:21)’.  Thus the human being descends into this world, the sojourn of effort and struggle, and amasses something of his own in view of the Futurum Resurrection.  But as he descends from step to step, passing gradually from one plane of being to another in the course of his descent, at each step he acquires a certain mixture with the accidents corresponding to the step or plane.

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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh

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