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Cassidy, Joe - And 'ghosts'



Type of spiritual experience



Joe here is able to get at the stored perceptions of the house which are presented to him as a hallucination - that is they are superimposed over the scene he is actually seeing


A description of the experience

Joe Cassidy - The Diviner

 I remember as a younger child I'd sometimes see visions. We would visit relations in these different houses, and for a split second I would see someone who didn't live
there at that time.
There was one house in particuiar that we used to go to down the country. It was in a town called Killashandra in County Cavan. A relation of my mother lived there; we called her auntie, and we would go about twice a year.  I used to love going to that house, because the woman kept a few hens. I would look out from the back of the house, see the hens in their run and tell myself that one day I could have hens of
my own.
I remember it was a rather gloomy house. It had a dark kitchen with an old range, and the living room was off it. One day, in the kitchen, while my auntie was making the tea,
warming the pot with her back turned, this older person walked out from behind her. She just appeared, and walked across the room. I remember she glanced back. She was
dressed all in black. And, I remember, she was wearing a dirty white apron. AII this this was really distinct.  I was waiting for someone to introduce me to the lady, but nobody did. They acted as if she wasn't there. I don't think I said anything.
On another visit, a year or two later, I was looking through a photo album. There were all these faded black-and-white prints stuck in with photo corners. A few photos had fallen out.  I picked up one of those and saw a photo of the old woman I'd seen.   I asked my auntie who she was . And she told me she'd lived in the house years before.
'Does she visit sometimes?'

'Goodness, no!  She's long dead', she said. 'She died years ago - long before you were even born'.

The source of the experience

Cassidy, Joe