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Coleridge, David Hartley - Let me not deem that I was made in vain



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Bricks without Mortar – The Selected Poems of Hartley Coleridge

Let me not deem that I was made in vain
Or that my Being was an accident
Which Fate, in working its sublime intent
Not wish’d to be, to hinder would not deign.
Each drop uncounted in a storm of rain
Hath its own mission, and is duly sent
To its own leaf or blade, not idly spent
‘Mid myriad dimples on the shipless main.
The very shadow of an insect’s wing
For which the violet cared not while it stay’d
Yet felt the lighter for its vanishing
Proved that the sun was shining by its shade;
Then can a drop of the eternal spring
Shadow of living lights in vain be made?

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Coleridge, David Hartley

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