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Shabistari, Mahmud - The Gulshan-i raz - The actions and states that have left their traces



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

Garden of Mystery – The Gulsham-i  raz of Mahmud Shabistari

The actions and states that have left their traces
Will be clearly apparent on the Last Day

When you’re stripped naked of body’s garment
Your faults and talents will suddenly appear

You’ll have a body free of impurity
That reflects images like limpid water

What’s in your conscience will be apparent there
Consider the verse ‘All secrets will be unveiled’

All of your qualities will, in the world of spirit,
Become either beautiful lights or raging fires

Individual nature will vanish from existence
There won’t remain any sense of above and below

The source of the experience

Shabistari, Mahmud

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image