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Goethe - Selected poems - Tell it to the wisest only, For the mob will mock such learning



Type of spiritual experience


The poem is about what it feels lime to achieve nirvana and annihilation.  There is also an indication of the process of rebirth here too.

The flame of your Higher spirit with you as the candle - the flame consumes you.  And unless you are consumed back you come - reincarnation

A description of the experience

Tell it to the wisest only,
For the mob will mock such learning;
I will praise the living creature
That can long for death by burning.
As the candle’s quiet gleaming
Cools your nights of hot surrender,
You are touched by strange emotion,
Born again as you engender.
You have passed beyond the shadows;
Snatched aloft, you shall discover
New desire and higher union;
Thrall of darkness now is over.
Distance tires you not nor hinders,
On you come with fated flight
Till, poor moth, at last you perish
In the flame, in love with light.

Die into becoming! Grasp
This, or sad and weary
Shall your sojourn ever be
On the dark earth dreary

The source of the experience


Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image


References and further reading

Johann Wolfgang Goethe – from Selected Poetry