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Newton, Sir Isaac - Principia - Seas of energy



Type of spiritual experience


The following is fairly complex.  Newton proposed that the physical world is somewhat like a ship - floating, like a ship, on a sea of energy.  Everything happening on the ship works according to its own laws.  When things fall in a ship they fall vertically, they don’t fall at an angle depending on the velocity with which the ship is moving.  In fact you have no idea in a ship whether you are moving or whether the sea is moving and even whether sea or you are moving at all.  You are just ‘floating’ on it.


A description of the experience

Sir Isaac Newton  – Principia

“ A clear proof of which we have from the experiment of a ship, where all motions happen after the same manner whether the ship is at rest, or is uniformly forward in a straight line”

The source of the experience

Newton, Sir Isaac

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