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Morrells, Luce and paths



Type of spiritual experience


We're not entirely sure about the interpretation here but we've done our best

She was slightly manic at the time

A description of the experience

The dreams I had last night were gob smackingly odd.  I saw 'paths' too, but they were shown as paths not rivers.  Wide smooth paths, some up some down, lots of branches, but the paths were curved into a sort of U shape - a bit like the way they make the Cresta run course, except that sometimes the U was below ground and sometimes it was above ground with banks.  I don't know what form of transport I was in but I was going like the wind, from place to place, just hurtling around almost out of control.  We'd stop [I definitely had a guide of some sort - they were doing the driving] I was told to look [can't remember what i saw it was so fast], then it was on again.  Like some speeded up whistle stop tour of the spiritual world.  I assume it is in my memory somewhere - the things I was supposed to see and will maybe resurface in my subconscious - but I woke up panting for breath.  The other dreams I can't remember but they weren't as bleak as they have been - much more cheerful


The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image