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Pythagoras - Censorinus - De Die Natali



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Censorinus - De Die Natali ; translated by Joscelyn Godwin

Pythagorus believed the distance from the Earth to the Moon to be …... the interval of a tone.  Then from the Moon to the planet Mercury called Stilbon, is … a semitone.  From  Mercury to Phosphor or the planet Venus is about.... another semitone; thence to the Sun is …. a tone and a half.... From the Sun to the planet Mars whose name is Pyrois the interval is … a tone.... from Mars to Jupiter called Phaethon .. a semitone, From Jupiter to the planet Saturn called Phaenon, the distance is another semitone, and thence to the highest heavens.. from the Earth's highest point to the same heaven is six tones which make the consonance of an octave...

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