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Near death from pain killers



Type of spiritual experience


The following example is interesting because it is a water filled tunnel.  The lady concerned accidentally ate several painkillers as a child and nearly died.  Whilst lying in a coma, she left her body and travelled through the tunnel in a boat.  It is probably experiences such as these that give us the Greek legends about the river Styx............

A description of the experience

Closer to the Light – Dr M Morse

The water was dark, but she was unafraid.  Suddenly she turned onto another branch of the river and passed under a glowing arch that led to a light ….....

'so beautiful that it couldn't be called just a light.  It represented love and peace and happiness and complete and utter joy'.

The light was misty like a 'glowing cloud'.  From inside it, she heard a voice she perceived to be that of God.

'I felt completely at peace and at one with it' she now says

Although the light had the feeling of unconditional love 'a feeling I was perfectly at home with ' she knew that she could go no farther into it and still return to her earthly body.  That was when she decided to return.

Her voice broke with emotion as she shared the most baffling part of the experience.

'When I came out of the coma in the  hospital, I opened my eyes and saw pieces of the light everywhere.  I could see how everything in the world fits together'

The source of the experience

Ordinary person

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