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Brunton, Dr Paul - The Quest of the Overself - Mystery of the self



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The Quest of the Overself – Paul Brunton

Strangely enough, it is when people reach that point when 'life no longer seems worth living' that they begin to become really interested in the spiritual aspect of life, whereas before they had only been interested in the material.  It is at this point that they turn to religion for consolation, to philosophy for comprehension and when these two do not attract or suffice, to strange and unorthodox cults for heretical glimmers of light.

Yet, to whatever source they may turn for inner guidance and enlightenment, they will always find themselves ultimately face to face with the mystery of the self, which is ever demanding, albeit silently, their profounder investigation.

It is therefore imperative that man should realise this and make self-understanding one of the primary motives of his life.  Until he does this, religion, philosophy, higher psychology and in short, all avenue of non sensuous knowledge, will continue to confuse and baffle him.

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Brunton, Paul

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