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TB patient



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

He was unsedated, fully conscious and had a low temperature.  He was a rather religious person and believed in life after death.  We expected him to die and he probably did too as he was asking us to pray for him.

In the room where he was lying, there was a staircase leading to a second floor.  Suddenly he exclaimed.  ‘See the angels are coming down the stairs.  The glass has fallen and broken’.

All of us in the room looked towards the staircase where a drinking glass had been placed on one of the steps.  As we looked, we saw the glass break into a thousand pieces without any apparent cause.  It did not fall; it simply exploded.  The angels, of course, we did not see.

A happy and peaceful expression came over the patient’s face ad the next moment he expired.  Even after his death the serene, peaceful expression remained on his face.

The source of the experience

Ordinary person

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image


References and further reading

At the Hour of death – Dr Karlis Osis and Dr Erlendur Haraldsson