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Constant babble of noise



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Margot Grey – Return from Death

I was moving along as part of a river of sound – a constant babble of human noise, but without knowing or understanding whether the noises were in a language or not.  I felt myself sinking into and becoming part of the stream and slowly being submerged by it.

A great fear possessed me as if I knew that once overcome by the ever growing mass of noise that I would be lost.  I was not aware of any physical bodies, not even my own.  The stream moved on and I next became aware of a black door or opening ahead of me in the distance.  I sensed that if I could reach this gate I would be safe.  I cried out to be allowed to pass through.  At this time I heard one voice that I recognised, it stood out from the din around me.  It was the voice of my sister calling me.

Still moving along sinking into the morass of noise, still overcome with fear, I suddenly was halted as if by a barrier, and a quiet unemotional voice spoke to me

'Not until the end'

At this point I found myself in the hospital ward and I heard myself calling out that I could not breathe.  The doctor was attending me and I was given oxygen

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