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MacLaine, Shirley - Healing with colour and music



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I'm Over All That and Other Confessions - Shirley MacLaine

One of my father’s most advanced accomplishments at Johns Hopkins was a paper proving that color and music had a vibrational frequency that was healing, and that these vibrations corresponded equally to vibrations in the human body.

I later learned he was talking about the color and energy centers of the body the ancient Hindus called chakras, but he didn't know that. He never finished his paper. In fact, he didn't finish much of anything.

He was a brilliant and loving man, but he had no "stick-to-it-ivity." Hence I became an overachiever. He used to call me "a do-gooder," always for the underdog. Maybe to me he was the underdog and I wanted to do good for him. Everything we do and are starts with family and ends with family.

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MacLaine, Shirley

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble