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Hencher, Alan – Predicts the death of Dr J C Barker



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The Sunday Herald from Provo, Utah on May 4, 1969

Curiously, for several months both Hencher and Middleton sensed that Dr. Barker would die unexpectedly. When Hencher met Dr. Barker in January, 1968, he felt strongly that the psychiatrist's life would end shortly in Yockleton, the village where he lived.
… Dr. Barker, author of "Scared to Death," circulated a letter admitting his own concern. "Of course," he wrote, "it is possible that these premonitions, as with others, may not be fulfilled in a literal way."
Last August, the psychiatrist suddenly died of a stroke in Yockleton. Had he, ironically, been literally scared to death?

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Hencher, Alan

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Observation contributed by: Rosie Rock-Evans