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Louis Jacolliot - The Bible in India - 06 The Story of Krishna: Nichdali and Sarasvati



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Louis Jacolliot - The Bible in India – Chapter XVI


Christna walked in the neighbourhood of Madura with his disciples, followed by a great crowd eager to behold him, and they said on all sides, “'Behold him who delivered us from the tyrant who oppressed us," making allusion to Kansa, who had suffered the penalty of his crimes, and whom Christna had expelled from Madura.

And they said further, "Behold him who resuscitates the dead, heals the lame, the deaf, and the blind."

When two women of the lowest extraction drew near to Christna, and having poured upon his head the perfumes which they had brought in a little brazen vase, they worshipped him.

And as the people murmured at their boldness, Christna kindly said to them :

“Women, I accept your sacrifice, the little which is given by the heart is of more worth than all the riches offered by ostentation. What desire you of me ?”

“Lord," answered they, " the brows of our husbands are clouded with care, happiness has fled from our homes, for God has refused us the joy of being mothers."

And Christna having raised them, for they had knelt and were kissing his feet, said to them, "Your demand shall be granted, for you have believed in me and joy shall re-enter your houses."

Sometime thereafter, these two women named Nichdali and Sarasvati were delivered each of a son, and these two children afterwards became holy personages whom the Hindoos still reverence under the names of Soudama and Soudasa.


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Observation contributed by: Rosie Rock-Evans