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Priestley, J B - And perhaps, the future is there too, winking at us



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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections

A quotation from Mr Priestley, given by R. Thurston-Hopkins (op. cit.) :

My dream life ... to me, is important. As if there were at least two extra continents added to the world, and lightning excursions running to them at any moment between midnight and breakfast. Then again, the dream-life, though queer and bewildering in many respects, has its own advantages. The dead are there, smiling and talking. The past is there, sometimes all broken and confused, but occasionally as fresh as a daisy. And perhaps, as Mr Dunn tells us, the future is there too, winking at us.

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Priestley, J B

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Observation contributed by: Henry Ibberson