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Mrs. F. Downing of North Ipswich’s brother Fred - So many children, so much music



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A casebook of otherworldly music – D Scott Rogo

The following letter was sent to me by Mrs. F. Downing of North Ipswich, Great Britain on December 28, 1968:

My brother Fred, who has recently passed on, after serious illness, had this experience of hearing music whilst in the hospital and one month previous to his passing.

Fred was deeply, unconscious for three days and no one expected he would regain consciousness. However he did, but he was never told of being in that state. When he was able to talk . . . he spoke about the music and the children.

It seemed to have made a big impression upon him as he kept repeating, "So many children, so much music,' he smiled, "and so much noise."

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Observation contributed by: Rosie Rock-Evans