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Mrs. Revell - As soon as I awoke, the wailing musical noise seemed to be everywhere



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Rogo thought it was a premonition of death, but we think it is a straightforward hallucination brought on by the worry of her father’s illness and her distress at having to leave him knowing how ill he was

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A casebook of otherworldly music – D Scott Rogo

Case No. 50 - M. Revell

This correspondent (London, November 14, 1963) differs in her report in that the music was not described as beautiful at all, but represented a rather distressing experience. Mrs. Revell has reported having several precognitive experiences:

I had an experience you may be interested in about twenty-one years ago. My sister and I, with two small children, paid a visit home. My father had been ill, but had recovered enough to be up and around. When we retired to bed the evening before returning to our homes, I lay awake for a while and gradually became aware of music in the distance - only it had no melody. It was a haunting, wailing sound and I fell asleep still listening. . . . As soon as I awoke, the wailing musical noise seemed to be everywhere and, as we had to travel to London from Guisborough, Yorkshire, that night by coach, I was sure there was going to be an accident. On enquiring no one else had heard the music and I do not think I mentioned that I was still hearing it, and not until I left the house that night did it cease.

We all arrived safely enough. My father died four months later.

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble