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Yassawi - 26 HIKMET 130



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A description of the experience

Yassawi –  HIKMET 130

I entered the house of plenty, Wahdaniyat's pitcher was revealed,
Drank from the cup of divinity, became bewildered and drunk.

The impact of this nectar, made me crazy for love,
Fervently desiring the Beloved, draw near.

Every moment the nectar was refilled,
Brought intoxication followed by misery.

The flesh is seared through with the sadness of yearning,
The river of Wahdaniyat in this moment, I knew.

Without breaking the river's waves, a diver cannot touch pearls,
Renouncing the soul, for pearls' sake I will always dive deeper.

In the pitcher of Hoja Ahmed is the divine nectar of love,
And so shall I pass the cup forward, as required by every lover.

The source of the experience

Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

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Observation contributed by: Neffy Limb