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Yassawi - 15 from HIKMET 48



Type of spiritual experience


The numbers here are probably related to the stage on the spiritual path

A description of the experience

Yassawi -  from HIKMET 48

With His might and power God called us,
I stepped into the fathomless ocean, my friends,
And God called to the ocean,
Thanks be to the Lord I floated, travelling the ocean.

Reaching the age where spirit leaves I sore heavenwards,
Exhausted, ego-on the run, I soared to heaven,
Using Shaitan's tricks the ego cursed heavily,
Reaching Maqam Saba, my friends.

At nine faced challenges, which I met,
At ten found ten paths, I did not veer from,
At eleven took control over my ego.
Reached the level of letting go, my friends.

At twelve, all the angels began to talk-with me,
Heavenly maidens came and bowed down to me,
The cupbearer handed me the chalice of secrets.
Politely I took it and drank my friends.

The source of the experience

Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image



Observation contributed by: Neffy Limb