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Yassawi - 05 HIKMET 8



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Yassawi - 05 HIKMET 8

Have no doubt at all no one remains in this world,
All earthly possessions will come to nought.

Be mindful as to where your parents and relatives have gone,
A wooden horse with four legs will come to you - believe me.

Worry not about wealth, think of nothing other than the Lord,
Covet not what others own, it will stop you at the Bridge of Sirat.

Neither family nor relatives can travel with you.
Squander not, be generous, life flies as the wind - trust me.

Servant Ahmed serve, as the span of life is unknown,
From dust you came and so return you shall, to dust.

The source of the experience

Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

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Observation contributed by: Neffy Limb