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RNID forum – from ‘Tinhead ‘ 23 Apr 2008 20:31

8 years ago i had just got up early for work and i could hear the lyrics "Feed the world" let them know it's Christmas time" over and over. this was just before christmas time. i looked everywhere in the house thinking a tv had been left on. i checked all the radio's and stereos and nothing. i could hear the singing as clear as anything like it around me. it took about an hour and i realized it was coming from my ears. i was sick to my stomach and thought i was schizophrenic. and even worse as there is schizophrenia in the family. i got so scared and got paraletic on booze and cried to my mum & dad that said i was going mad and that i think i should commit myself to hospital.

My mum & dad asked if i had been under stress and said it was probably the usual tune stuck in your head thing. though it was not. it stayed for about a week and least to say for about 5 Christmas's after i avoided going anywhere near Christmas or watching tv in fear of hearing the Band Aid song.

i realized i could not be sick as i was hearing the same lyrics over and over again. singing but no voices. at the time i was 17 and very scared and i only found out about this phenomenon about 3 years ago. i had tinnitus since i was about 9 but this was very scary.
Today i can listen to the song without fear. sometimes it comes back but only for a day or so. i'm not sure if it has gone for good but i hope it has.

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