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The anthropologist Kenneth Kensinger, witnesses the abilities of the Cashinahua tribe in the Peruvian Amazon



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From Paul Devereux’s blog -  Kensinger, K. (1973), “Banisteriopsis Usage among the Peruvian Cashinahua”, in Hallucinogens and Shamanism, Michael J. Harner (ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

A classic case involved Kenneth Kensinger, who spent time living with the Cashinahua tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. He noted the fairly common occurrence of apparent remote perception (“clairvoyance”) by many of those who took part in ritual sessions using the mind-altering brew, ayahuasca.

On one notable occasion, six out of nine men who had taken part in an ayahuasca session told Kensinger that his chai (his maternal grandfather) had just died. It was not until two days later that the anthropologist was informed by field radio of the death.

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South American shamanism

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