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Ginsberg, Allen - Howl, Kaddish and other poems - High on Laughing gas



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

Allen Ginsberg – Howl, Kaddish and other poems

High on Laughing gas
I’ve been here before
The odd vibration of the same old universe
The nasal whine of the dentist’s drill
Singing against the nostalgic
Piano Muzak in the wall
Insistent, familiar, penetrating
The teeth, where’ve I heard that
Asshole jazz before?
It’s the instant of going
Into or coming out of existence that is
Important – to catch on
To the secret of the magic
Stepping outside the universe
By means of Nitrous Oxide
Anaesthetising mind-conscious
The chiliasm was an impersonal dream –
One of many, being mere dreams

The sadness of birth
And death, the sadness of
Changing from dream to dream
The constant farewell
Of forms …
Saying ungoodby to what
Didn’t exist
The many worlds that don’t exist
All which seem real
All joke
All lost cartoon

The source of the experience

Ginsberg, Allen