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Baudelaire, Charles - Les Fleurs du Mal - I implore your pity, You, the only one I love



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Les Fleurs du Mal – Charles Baudelaire

I implore your pity, You, the only one I love,
From the depth of the dark abyss where my heart fell.
It is a mournful universe with a leaden horizon,
Where horror and blasphemy swim in the night;

A sun without heat hovers above for six months,
And the other six months night covers the earth;
It is a country more bare than the polar land
 - No beasts, no streams, no green, no woods!

 For there is no horror in the world which surpasses
The cold cruelty of that icy sun
And that vast night similar to the old Chaos; 

I envy the fate of the lowest animals
Who can sink into a stupid sleep,
Because the skein of time is so slow to unravel!

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Baudelaire, Charles

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