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I was woken up very suddenly by something incredibly violent



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

It was during the night of Saturday 11 November 2006. I was woken up very suddenly by something incredibly violent. It made me sit bolt upright by the side of my bed saying repeatedly: I don’t want to know, I absolutely don't want to know, it is too awful. I walked to my bathroom to try and forget and think of something else but was seized by the overwhelming conviction that I was dying. I stood stooped in the middle of my bathroom floor, arms hanging down in front of me, panic-stricken by the knowledge I was dying, not knowing exactly why, except that all of my body 'felt wrong'.

I tried to analyse what could be wrong but all I could feel was that nothing in my body felt right, my entire body was dying. I decided that since I was dying, I might as well lie on my bed. So I returned to bed and fell promptly asleep again. I would say it was by far the worst night of my life and I felt deeply affected and fragile the next day.

I learned the following day, Monday, that my brother had died. He had had a massive haemorrhage . . . I believe that my extremely violent awakening was . . . the feeling of life leaving his body as his blood ran out.

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble