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He had "seen the face of God"



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

One woman told of the profound changes that her husband underwent when he had an NDE one week before his death from cancer.

He declared to her that while being surrounded by light. Although he had never been particularly religious, he now declared he had "seen the face of God" that he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a God and that he wanted to go right then. He insisted that all of the tubes (IV's, etc.) be removed, and then he relaxed.

To his chagrin he lived another week-not particularly in physical discomfort, but in impatience. His NDE spawned a deep interest in mysticism in his wife, a passion that she is still pursuing some twenty years after his death. In that way, his NDE made a very profound difference in her life.

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Observation contributed by: Rosie Rock-Evans