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The NDE of the man from Western New Britain, Melanesia



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Near death experiences - Ornella Corazza

Dorothy Counts reported three cases of NDEs among the population of Kaliai, in the province of Western New Britain, part of Melanesia (Counts 1983). … For instance, a person she interviewed found himself walking through a field of flowers to a road that forked in two. In each fork of the road a man was standing persuading the NDEr to come with him. The NDEr picked one of the forks at random:

the man took my hand and we entered a village. There we found a long ladder that led up into a house. We climbed the ladder but when we got to the top I heard a voice saying: 'It isn't time for you to come. Stay there. I'll send a group of people to take you back’…

So they took me back down the steps. I wanted to go back to the house, but I couldn't because it turned and I realized that it was not on posts.

It was just hanging there in the air, turning around as if it were on an axel (sic). If I wanted to go to the door, the house would turn and there would be another part of the house where I was standing. There were all kinds of things inside this house, and I wanted to see them all. There were men working with steel, and some men building ships, and another group of men building cars. I was standing staring when this man said: 'It's not time for you to be here. Your time is yet to come. I'll send some people to take you back . . .you must go back.' I was to go back, but there was no road for me to follow, so the voice said: 'Let him go down.'

Then there was a beam of light and I walked along it. I walked down the steps, and then when I turned to look there was nothing but forest . . . So I walked along the beam of light, through the forest and along a narrow path. I came back to my house and re-entered my body and I was alive again.

(Counts 1983: 199-120)

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Observation contributed by: Rosie Rock-Evans