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Mullis, Dr Kary - We both knew I wouldn’t shut up



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Dancing Naked in the Mind Field – Kary Mullis

About 6 months before the 1993 [Nobel] awards were to be announced, my mentor from Berkeley, Joe Neilands, from whom I had learned a little about chemistry and a whole lot about life, told me “I wouldn’t be surprised if you got the Nobel Prize this year.  But you’d make it easier for the committee to give it to you if you didn’t talk to the press so much.  They don’t have to give it to you till you’re dying”

Neilands said that it was probably okay that I admitted loving surfing and women, but he thought the committee might frown on the fact that I admitted using LSD.

Surfing, women and LSD might be too much, he told me.

They might decide to wait until I settled down in twenty or thirty years…. We both knew I wouldn’t shut up.

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Mullis, Dr Kary

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Observation contributed by: Henry Ibberson