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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 1151



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In the Bazaar of Love

Ghazal 1151: gar na man divana gashtam z-in dil-i bad-nam-i khvish

Why would I entrust my message
to birds and breezes if my infamous
heart had not driven me insane?

When evening falls, my heart catches
fire in solitude. I light a fine candle
each night in my Canaan. I awake

with a start. How long will I chain
the feet of my restless soul with dreaming
fancies of your coiling curls?

Since my fate is not to love you,
I keep patient by writing your name
in heart's blood next to mine.

A swarm of pestilent winds blow
towards you from mortals' sighs.
Hide your face!
Mercy on your rose-coloured cheek!

Who is Khusrau that you tire your lips
to torment him? Please, don't squander
your insults like this just anywhere.


The source of the experience

Khusrau, Amir

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble