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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 1034



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Ghazal 1034: yaran ki buda-and namidanam kuja shudand

I do not know where they went, those
who once were friends. What day was it,
O Lord, when they abandoned us?
If spring comes and asks after them,
tell the zephyr, ‘All those flowers
are turned to grass,' and ask the flower
when it pokes out from the earth
how those faces look that now are gone
deep beneath the dust of death.

Gaze upon those leaders now,
once the crown on creation's head
all turned to dirt stuck to our feet.
Those motes of dust that disappear
like all things into thin air once
were suns that set below the earth.

Deceived by the world's enchantments,
they laid all their treasures aside
and went in pursuit of alchemy.

The wares of time are playthings,
childish distractions. The captives
of its charms have no sense at all.

No surprise if they did not get
the cash they craved: Fate's treasurers
themselves are bankrupt, flat broke.
Khusrau, flee. In a faithless world
expect no trust from a people
as untrue as the world itself.


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Khusrau, Amir

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Observation contributed by: Margaret Booth