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Barker, Cicely Mary - The Michaelmas Daisy Fairy



Type of spiritual experience

A description of the experience

Cicely Mary Barker – Michaelmas Daisy

Red Admiral, Red Admiral, I’m glad to see you here
Alighting on my daisies one by one!
I hope you like their flavour? And although autumn’s near
Are happy you sit there in the sun?
I thank you kindly sir! Your daisies are so nice
So pretty and so plentiful are they;
The flavour of their honey, sir, it really does entice;
I’d like to bring my brothers if I may!

 Friend butterfly, friend butterfly, go fetch them one and all!
I’m waiting here to welcome every guest;
And tell them it is Michaelmas and soon the leaves will fall
But I think Autumn sunshine is the best.

The source of the experience

Barker, Cicely Mary

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