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Barker, Cicely Mary - The Winter Aconite Fairy



Type of spiritual experience


The link with functions and function dependency I have made is not a mistake ..... think about it

A description of the experience

Cicely Mary Barker – Winter Aconite

Deep in the earth
I woke, I stirred
I said ‘was that the spring I heard?
For something called’
‘No no ‘ they said;
‘Go back to sleep, go back to bed,
You’re far too soon
The world’s too cold
For you, so small’, so I was told.
But how could I
Go back to sleep?
I could not wait, I had to peep!
Up, up I climbed
And here am I
How wide the earth! How great the sky!
O wintry world
See me awake!
Spring calls, and comes ‘tis no mistake.

The source of the experience

Barker, Cicely Mary

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image