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Cameron, Norman - Though many men had passed the ford, not one



Type of spiritual experience


Has just a ring of Beowulf's out of body fights too

A description of the experience

Norman Cameron – Collected Poems

Though many men had passed the ford, not one
Had ever seen that jeering water ghost
Denying their true conquest of the stream.
But I, who saw him smile behind a stone
Stopped, challenged him to justify his boast
Then came the fight, exhausting as a dream
With stuff not quite impalpable. He sank
Sighing at last, in a small shrinking pile.
But my victorious paean changed to fright
To see once more the pale curve of his flank
There in the water, and his endless smile
Broaden behind the stone. No use to fight
Better to give the place a holy name
Go on with less ambition than I came

The source of the experience

Cameron, Norman

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