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Spinoza, Baruch - Ethics - Physical aggregation



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Baruch Spinosa - Ethics

When a number of bodies, whether of the same or of different size, are so constrained by other bodies that they lie upon one another, or if they so move, whether with the same degree or different degrees of speed, that they communicate their motions to each other in a certain fixed manner, we shall say that those bodies are united with one another and that they all together compose one body individual, which is distinguished from the others by this union of bodies...........

If, of a body, or if an individual, which is composed of a number of bodies; some are removed, and at the same time as many others of the same nature take their place, the individual will retain its nature, as before, without any change of its form.............

If the parts composing an individual become greater or less, but in such a proportion that they keep the same ratio of motion and rest to each other as before, then the individual will likewise retain its nature, as before, without any change of form


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Spinoza, Baruch

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble