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Hypotensive action of coumarin glycosides from Daucus carota



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Phytomedicine. 2000 Oct;7(5):423-6.

Hypotensive action of coumarin glycosides from Daucus carota.

Gilani AH1, Shaheen E, Saeed SA, Bibi S, Irfanullah, Sadiq M, Faizi S.

  • 1Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, The Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan.

Daucus carota (carrot) has been used in traditional medicine to treat hypertension.

Activity-directed fractionation of aerial parts of D. carota resulted in the isolation of two cumarin glycosides coded as DC-2 and DC-3. Intravenous administration of these compounds caused a dose-dependent (1-10 mg/kg) fall in arterial blood pressure in normotensive anaesthetised rats.

In the in vitro studies, both compounds caused a dose-dependent (10-200 microg/ml) inhibitory effect on spontaneously beating guinea pig atria as well as on the K+ -induced contractions of rabbit aorta at similar concentrations.

These results indicate that DC-2 and DC-3 may be acting through blockade of calcium channels and this effect may be responsible for the blood pressure lowering effect of the compounds observed in the in vivo studies.

PMID:  11081994

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Observation contributed by: Francis Keeble